Latest news

Octobre 2018 launches the French and English online bookkeeping application.

May 2017 launches the new online bookkeeping application Pre-registration is now available

March 2, 2017

Launch of the new FCRDM Marathon website, registration are now open online.

April 11, 2016

Opening of the new website (mobile)

March 15, 2016

Launch of new website ATPA (mobile)

March 10, 2016

Conversion of the OTTDQ database from PHP to Filemaker 14

January 2014 gets a second term redesign of the website of the Order of dental technicians of Quebec

June 2013 is awarded the contract to overhaul the website of the American Public works Association and the management of their members

September 2012 gets the contract for the creation of a micro site ofor one of the department of Rehabilitation Centre in dependency of Montreal

June 2009 is awarded the contract for completion of creating Gestion PGA members Database (Gestion PGA)

January 2009

A news section is added to the existing OTTDQ site to manage various details for existing members. Subscription, member's listing, advertisment, and allow members to make their own changes online.

December 2008 is awarded the contract to redesign the site of the Ordre des techniciens et techniciennes dentaires du Québec (Order of Dental Technicians of Québec) and includes a self-evaluation module.
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